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The origins of this song go waaaaaaay back to when I was living in Dallas. I remember coming home from work after a long day of working at Neiman Marcus, feet aching and morale low. I'd sing to cheer myself up, and one of the songs I liked to sing was Ego by Beyonce. I started playing around with the vocals, reinterpreting them just for fun. Years later, I decided I wanted to cover Ego during live performances, and I wrote a short rap to use as an intro. That verse eventually became the first verse of this song...



I got a big ego,
Such a huge ego
But you love this big ego
(Never too much)
I talk like this cause
I can back it up

I can back it up
while you push it forward
Have an atheist
screaming thank you lawd
Missing out on me
Something you can’t afford
Yes, I’m a lot of work
but I’m the reward,
and I’m cool and cute
Intelligent to boot
Type of lady wear lingerie
under a business suit
Cause I handle my business
from the boardroom to the bedroom
Pull up in my white truck
I need extra legroom
Vroom, vroom
Missy with no misdemeanors
Got no dirt on my name
and my nose is even cleaner
Keep that dope out my veins
Still the dopest one in my lane
I’m the one, I been on it
Got it honest, so I flaunt it

It’s my ego, just me and my ego
We cause a ruckus wherever we go
(Never too much)
I talk like this cause I can back it up

Now some folks will have you thinking
that having an ego is a bad thing
But by definition, ego simply means
I, my sense of self, my self esteem
And you gone need a lotta that
to make it in this world
You can believe that
So that’s why every chance I get
I cultivate, I elevate,
I celebrate

My mind, my glow,
My life, my soul
My light, my flow
Me and my ego

One mind, one whole
One spirit, unshakable
And our magic unfolds
out of one love, unbreakable


from Lyricism Is Alive And Well, released November 11, 2021
Lyrics: Kiña del Mar*
Vocals: Kiña del Mar
Vocal Arrangements: Kiña del Mar*
Mixed & Mastered by IMAKEMADBEATS

*Samples music & lyrics from "Ego" by Beyonce
Songwriters: Elvis "Blac Elvis" Williams, Harold Lilly, & Beyoncé Knowles
Producers: Blac Elvis, Beyonce Knowles


all rights reserved



Kiña del Mar

Singer/songwriter from Memphis, TN, where the blues meets Rock, fuses with Pop, and gives birth to the Jazzy Soul of Hip-Hop.

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